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Do UFOs and non-human beings come from different realities or dimensions?

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Jacque Vallee is the legendary French UFO researcher who formed the basis for Steven Spielberg's eccentric scientist in Close Encounters of The Third Kind. He has worked with every prominent player in UFOology since the 60's including Dr. J. Alan Hynek who served as the Chief Science Advisor to project Blue Book, the Airforce's UFO investigation program from 52'-69'. 


Vallée's investigation and analysis lead to a compelling hypothesis - that the UFO sightings and associated paranormal events could be indications of interactions with beings or entities originating from different realities or dimensions beyond our conventional understanding, reports howandwhy.com

Dr. J. Alan Hynek, in his own speculations, contemplates the existence of alternate universes governed by different quantum rules or vibration rates. He proposes that our perceived space-time continuum might be merely a slice of a larger and more complex universe, encompassing multiple dimensions yet to be fully understood. 

Delving deeper into these mysteries, UFO whistleblower David Grusch theorizes that certain non-human intelligences might manifest within our reality, existing in a four-dimensional realm, while their true origins lie in higher-dimensional planes (5D, 6D, or even beyond) that intersect with our earthly realm. 

This perspective opens up new and intriguing possibilities, suggesting that our encounters with UFOs might not be isolated incidents from distant planets, but rather interactions with entities existing in parallel dimensions, offering a broader and more mysterious aspect to the UFO phenomenon. 

On Jesse Michels' show, Jacques Vallée delves into an intriguing UFO case that involves a witness experiencing a seemingly otherworldly dimension. Vallée recounts the story of a woman in San Jose who had a remarkable encounter. 

The woman reported seeing a large disc-shaped object hovering over her house, approximately the same size as her residence. Vallée inquired further, asking about her experience inside the craft. She described encountering a mysterious being who guided her up a staircase that led to a vast, round room resembling a movie theater, much larger than her own home. 

This extraordinary account unveils the idea that UFO encounters may not be limited to mere physical sightings but may involve encounters with entities or beings from different dimensions. Such experiences challenge conventional beliefs and open doors to the possibility of interdimensional phenomena.

UFO whistleblower David Grusch postulated that some non-human intelligences might be manifesting into our reality (4d, with time) but might really be coming from a higher-dimensional plane (5d, 6d...[n]d) that intersects with ours here on Earth.

In this clip, Jacques Vallée (and… pic.twitter.com/Dhg6VcNkCu

— TheJuan1️⃣ (@planethunter56) June 14, 2023
See full video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyX8V1XXmQM

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      To learn more about the 2024 total solar eclipse and how you can safely watch it, visit NASA’s eclipse website.
      By Abbey Interrante
      NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. 
      Special thanks to Michael Zeiler for his calculations on the populations in the eclipse path.
      The 2017 total solar eclipse viewing analysis was conducted by Professor Jon D. Miller of the University of Michigan. This study was supported by a collaborative agreement between the University of Michigan and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (award NNX16AC66A).
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    • By USH
      In September 1964, Captain McLeod and Sergeant Barnes were dispatched from Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio. They were sent to investigate a UFO sighting in Northern California. 

      Wright-Patterson AFB got lots of UFO reports. 99% of them could be explained. And a sizeable percentage of those sightings were hoaxers looking for attention. 
      The other 1% were classified as UFOs and sent on to Project Blue Book. What happened from there, McLeod didn't know. The fact that he was being sent to the other side of the country meant this sighting was important to the Air Force. 
      McLeod had a copy of the teletyped report from the UFO tracking office. It was stamped with an unusual "Priority" notification. It read: 
      "UFO landing with entities reported by missile technician in Tahoe NF, Sacramento. Orders: Investigate and contain via usual protocols ASAP." 
      McLeod's first step was to interview the witness. And, even after 17 years as an investigator, this was the strangest UFO story he'd ever heard. 
      Summary witness report: Witness Donald Shrum found himself disoriented and separated from his hunting companions, leading him to make the decision to spend the night safely perched in a tree away from potential predators. 
      While nestled in his chosen pine tree, positioned 12 feet above the ground, Shrum observed an unusual light. To his surprise, the source was something like a headlight on a massive cigar-shaped craft 
      Subsequently, a smaller vessel emerged from one of the mothership's huge rectangular ports. From this secondary craft emerged a group of beings Shrum could only describe as humanoid. 
      These entities wearing spacesuits and were accompanied by some sort of robots that appeared to be on a mission to study the local flora. 
      As Shrum remained hidden in the tree, the beings became aware of his presence, and a few among them seemed determined to abduct him for reasons unknown. Undeterred, Shrum fiercely resisted these intruders, utilizing everything at his disposal, ultimately succeeding in fending them off.
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    • By USH
      I recently watched intelligence officer David Grusch's nearly 3-hour UFO discussion with Joe Rogan. In this video, Chris Lehto goes through all his notes, analyzing Grusch's revelations about the secret crash retrieval programs, the double-digit recovered craft, and the government harassment he says he endured when he tried exposing this shocking coverup. 

      There are double- digit craft numbers and double digit biologics in various forms. Mike Herrera said we've captured two to three is what he said per year. My guess is over 30 years if you capture two to three per year they have about 60 to 90 recoveries, just imagine that. 
      Not only the US has a UAP task force but behind the scenes they have been engaged with China and Russia who have their own crash retrievals, yet the UFO crashes that have occurred in other countries over the years, like the 1933 UFO crash in Italy. 
      The UFO that crashed in Italy in 1933 was actually a dish-shaped around 10 to 20 feet craft but no bodies were found at 1933 crash site. It should be mentioned that Pope P. 12th was involved and after the craft was recovered it was sent back to the US by Franklin D Roosevelt. 
      Or the UFO that crashed off the coast of Perth Australia on 1981. Besides the US, Japan along with France and Australia were involved in the retrieval of the craft. 
      They hauled up the UFO from the ocean with 2 entities inside that were alive. They were extracted and kept them alive, transferred to Perth then transferred to Hawaii then to Area 51 where the Air Force took control. 
      Like the 1933 Italy UFO, this UFO also ended up in the US and it is not surprise that this event disappeared from the records. 
      Talking about some bodies that they found, it is said that they are Androids. Created biologics, but maybe it's not biological in the sense that we think of biologics. 
      With all the secret UFO retrieval programs over the world, I think they're not sharing it because it will be a huge blow to the governments of the world when the public knows that governments have lied for years about the existence of UFO retrieval programs as well as that they have recovered UFOs not from this world, including entities whether biological or Android. 
      If you want an in-depth breakdown of this landmark interview's key insights, strap in for unfiltered notes and commentary.
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      00.00: Introduction At the onset of this exploration, we delve into intriguing cases from around the globe that have baffled and mystified many. Join us as we embark on a journey through enigmatic encounters and perplexing mysteries. 

      01.53: Case 1 - Varginha, Brazil - "Moment of Contact" Unravel the secrets surrounding the "Moment of Contact" trailer. A story that has captivated the imaginations of many, this case presents a series of events that defy explanation. 
      10.22: Case 2 - Peru - The Mysterious Tale of "Buried in Stone" by Jonathan Weygandt Uncover the mystifying narrative of "Buried in Stone" by Jonathan Weygandt. This tale unfolds like an enigmatic tapestry, weaving together the inexplicable and the otherworldly. 
      17.00: Case 3 - Craft leaking weird liquid An unusual encounter involving a mysterious craft oozing an inexplicable liquid. We dissect this puzzling phenomenon that challenges the boundaries of scientific understanding. 
      24.45: Case 4 - Taken by guys in "Black Cammies" Accounts of individuals who claim to have been taken by enigmatic figures clad in "Black Cammies." The mysterious motives behind these encounters remain shrouded in darkness. 
      31.54: Case 5 - The floating Octagon in Indonesia The mystery of the Floating Octagon in Indonesia. This unexplained anomaly continues to confound and intrigue, defying conventional understanding. 
      40.00: Case 6 -Taken by guys in "Black Camos" What at first glance appeared to be a friendly plane that crashed turned out not to be a friendly plane. It was actually an amazing, unidentified flying object that carried itself into the side of a granite mountain. 
      47.48: Case 7 - What was in the boxes?What lay concealed within the enigmatic boxes. The contents of these containers remain a source of fascination and intrigue, beckoning us to uncover their secrets.
      53.15: Conclusion.
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      Euclid’s two instruments have captured their first test images. The mesmerising results indicate that the space telescope will achieve the scientific goals that it has been designed for – and possibly much more.
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