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  2. 4K: Launch and Return of the Space Shuttle Atlantis / Upscaled Video
  3. Image: Mini Earth-observer Proba-1's 20 years in orbit View the full article
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  5. Perth, Western Australia’s capital and largest city, is featured in this true-colour image captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission. View the full article
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  7. NASA will provide coverage of the upcoming prelaunch and launch activities for the agency’s SpaceX Crew-3 mission with astronauts to the International Space Station.View the full article
  8. The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce presented Glenn A. Delgado, NASA’s associate administrator for the agency’s Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP), with its CEO Award on Wednesday, Oct. 20.View the full article
  9. The Air Force Materiel Command declared Initial Operational Capability for its support to the U.S. Space Force on Oct. 1, 2021. The IOC milestone means AFMC is well on its way to fully supporting the Space Force as its Servicing Major Command for Space Force-assigned Airmen. View the full article
  10. This video begins rather slowly but once the object being witnessed moves the video becomes more dramatic quickly. The post California Big Bear appeared first on UAP.News. View the full article
  11. Video: 00:40:56 Watch the replay of this media event to hear about the outcome of the 300th ESA Council. Delegations from Member States are meeting in Paris on 20 and 21 October 2021. Panelists, including ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher, provide live updates on the Intermediate Ministerial Meeting that will take place in Portugal in November 2021. The High-Level Advisory Group Report will also be presented and new ESA directors will be announced. View the full article
  12. Earth observation provides a wealth of information to benefit our daily lives. As the demand for satellite data grows to address the challenges of climate change and a growing population, ESA, under the leadership of the European Commission, along with its key European partners, are developing high precision digital models of Earth to monitor and simulate both natural and human activity, to enable more sustainable development and support European environmental policies. Today, at the ESA Council, Member States approved a ‘Contribution Agreement', which paves the way for cooperation with the European Commission on the Destination Earth initiative, in the context of the Digital Agenda of the European Union. View the full article
  13. From what we understand this object was taken at a US military base in northern Iraq in 2008 and is finally public. The post Iraq US Base 2008 appeared first on UAP.News. View the full article
  14. This UFO video from Cuba is highly unusual and since this is an unidentified event we are sharing it with you. The post Cuba Falling Sky Portal appeared first on UAP.News. View the full article
  15. What about the population that believes they may have actually been abducted but are uncertain? Is there a way for them to be sure? The post 10.21.21 Have You Been Abducted? appeared first on UAP.News. View the full article
  16. If you would like an opportunity to write about a single UFO related subject/multiple subjects then we would like to hear from you. The post 10.21.21 UFO Content Writers Opportunity appeared first on UAP.News. View the full article
  17. There is a certain percentage of people that will never believe in UFOs or witness reports, radar returns or the government’s acknowledgment. The post 10.21.21 Skeptical Inquirer Steaming Pile of Dung appeared first on UAP.News. View the full article
  18. Final report from the high-level advisory group on accelerating the use of space in Europe A group of advisors were given the mandate to advise the ESA DG on directions and actions for ESA to realise ambitious goals, together with other stakeholders, serving the future of Europe and its citizens. This report summarises their recommendations. View the full article
  19. ESA Vision: accelerate the use of space Europe must have the ambition to have a space programme and a space agency that is world-class and is leading. Agenda 2025 will bring European space to the next level. To meet our ambitions we need to accelerate the use of space in Europe. View the full article
  20. Video: 00:01:25 Europe’s own satellite navigation system, Galileo, has become the world’s most precise, delivering metre-level accuracy, available anywhere on Earth. It is also saving lives, relaying distress calls for search and rescue. Today there are 26 Galileo satellites in orbit 23 222 km over our heads; the first of them were launched on 21 October 2011, with nine more launches in the following years. The satellites in space are supported by a globe-spanning ground segment. The system as a whole is set to grow, with the first of 12 ‘Batch 3’ about to join the current satellites in orbit and new ‘Galileo Second Generation’ satellites in development. Galileo has been financed by the EU and developed by ESA, with services delivered by EUSPA. View the full article
  21. As of today, ESA has appointed three new Directors - for Commercialisation, Industry and Procurement, Earth Observation Programmes and Navigation. The new Directors were appointed by ESA Council at its meeting on 21 October; they will support the Director General with responsibility for activities and overall objectives in their respective directorates. View the full article
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  23. Building NASA's NEXT Generation Spacesuits
  24. La NASA busca jóvenes ingenieros para ayudar a diseñar un concepto de robot para una misión de excavación en la Luna.View the full article
  25. We Asked a NASA Scientist: What if an Asteroid Were Going to Hit Earth?
  26. Nov. 2 is the deadline for active-component Airmen and Guardians to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, followed by Dec. 2 for Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve personnel. View the full article
  27. NASA will hold a series of virtual media briefings and events leading up to the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, the premier space science observatory of the next decade.View the full article
  28. NASA seeks young engineers to help design a new robot concept for an excavation mission on the Moon.View the full article
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