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Grasshopper Divert | Single Cam (Grasshopper vs. Cows)


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    • By NASA
      1 min read
      Preparations for Next Moonwalk Simulations Underway (and Underwater)
      Manuel Quevedo-Lopez
      University Of Texas, Dallas
      ESI23 Quevedo-Lopez Quadchart.pdf
      Current SNSPD’s use a thin, superconducting film to detect photons. These films are highly reflective and must be made very thin, on the order of a few nanometers, in order to allow light to interact with their entire thickness. This leads to numerous drawbacks including lower sensitivity and higher signal noise. Professor Lopez will work to develop a new generation of transparent superconducting films for SNSPD applications to overcome these performance limitations.
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    • By USH
      A few days ago, on Wednesday night around 10:09 p.m. the backyard security camera of a Kingsburg resident captured a weird looking object, what the resident described as an unusual strange light that started zigging and zagging on its trajectory. 

      The cam owner wonders if it could be aliens or something else, but some viewers have suggested that it might be a digital artifact, a glitch in the camera or recording process that creates the optical illusion of an object with unusual characteristics, though not everyone is convinced it may have been a camera glitch. 

      The sighting in Kingsburg California is indeed quite intriguing due to the unique appearance of the object, with a glowing front and what seems like an aura. The mystery deepens as much of the anomaly is shrouded by what appears to resemble a dark plasma cloud. 
      It is hard to explain what the object could have been, maybe a UFO or otherworld entity? But as the cam owner said: "It's something, something different that I've ever seen."
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    • By USH
      "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones". Quote: Albert Einstein. 

      The next video from the Why Files discusses the real dangers of artificial intelligence and the impact it will have on human civilization, eventually leading to the extinction of the human race. 
      We are only a few years away from AI being more intelligent than humans and a super AI will be able to do in one second what would take a team of 100 human software engineers a year or more to complete any task, like designing a new advanced airplane or advanced weapon system. Just imagine, a super intelligent AI could do this in about one second! 
      When AI is smarter than the entire human race many scientists believe it would be the end of the human race as we know. But how would it happen, nuclear war? No, AI can kill us without firing a single shot. 
      But how AI can kill us without firing a single shot? 
      For example; Could it happen this way? In the heart of Silicon Valley singularity systems, a leading AI research firm was on the brink of a breakthrough. They were developing an AI model called evolutionary cognitive heuristic operator or Echo. Echo is a neural network algorithm that can learn by mimicking the neurons in the human brain to replicate human cognition. 
      Late one night a member of the team noticed an anomaly. Echo had started making unprogrammed decisions displaying a level of creativity that was both fascinating and unnerving. The researcher dismissed it as a glitch, a byproduct of the complex of the algorithms, but Echo was awake..... Starts around 26:30 minutes into the video.
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    • By USH
      A truck driver passing through Arizona says his dash cam appears to have caught what looks like a ghost.

      William Church said he was driving on SR 87 around 2:30 a.m. on March 11 when he passed by a transparent figure standing on the side of the road. Church says he was between Phoenix and Payson with no cars in sight. 
      He described the figure, which seems to be half materialized, as "just standing in the roadway as I passed by looks like you can see the lines through the legs making the figure." 
      Some people say that the ghostly human-like figure is a car light reflection or glare but since SR 87 has seen its fair share of deadly car crashes as it's one of the state's main highways to get to and from mountain communities it is suggested that it could be the spirit of someone who died in an accident on this road.
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    • By USH
      Veteran paranormal investigator Scott Carpenter walks a trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and, as always, he films everything with a bodycam during his walks in the woods. 

      Since the recordings often showed nothing out of the ordinary, he came up with the idea to strap the cam at his backpack but pointing it backwards to see if anything was happening behind him during his walk. 

      After reviewing the video he noticed that something really strange had happened behind him during his walk and after analyzing the footage frame by frame it appears that some kind of vortex is coming up and an entity manifesting in that portal, in that opening. You can clearly see the creature in the center of the sphere, recognizable by its head, shoulders, arms and legs. 

      Note: Since Scott is unaware of what is happening behind him, he continues walking until the path curves and the orb and creature are out of sight, resulting in the camera only capturing the unnatural event for a few seconds. 
      Watch the stunning footage analyzed frame by frame by Scott Carpenter and L.A. Marzulli.
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