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NASA (Never A Straight Answer) plans to join UFO research efforts


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NASA plans to join UFO research efforts with 'open mind' The study would try to scientifically examine identifying available data, ascertain how to best collect future data, and how NASA can use these data to move scientific understanding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. 


And of course how could it be otherwise, NASA came up with their "Never A Straight Answer" and stated that UFOs almost certainly are not alien visitors buzzing Earth's skies, but that NASA is still financing a study that will look at unexplained sightings with an open mind. 

During a presentation on Thursday to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA's associate administrator for science, said the study would try to scientifically examine what the federal government calls unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs. 

The study, which is to cost less than $100,000 and begin in the fall, “will focus on identifying available data, how to best collect future data and how NASA can use these data to move the scientific understanding of UAPs forward,” Zurbuchen said during a telephone news conference on Thursday afternoon. 

Zurbuchen said that examining UFO reports could be “high-risk, high-impact kind of research,” possibly uncovering some entirely new scientific phenomenon — or possibly coming up with nothing new or interesting at all. 


Bearing in mind that for so many years NASA has been covered up everything that points to the existence of UFOs not from earth and extraterrestrial intelligent life then it is remarkable that NASA plans to join UFO research which is more than suspicious, because NASA does nothing without an underlying agenda.


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