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DAF Leaders Host Second Annual Modeling, Simulation Summit

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Department of the Air Force Chief Model and Simulation Officer Richard Tempalski partnered with the Space Force’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Dr. Lisa Costa to host its second annual Modeling and Simulation Summit at the Clyde Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 9-11. The M&S Summit puts into action guidance laid out in DAF strategy on implementing best practices for how models and simulations are effectively acquired, developed, managed and used by Department of Defense components. In alignment with the National Defense Strategy, the event brought together subject matter experts from across the department’s M&S community. Sessions at the conference focused on the theme, “Fusing Air and Space into Multidomain Operations: The Fight is On.” The three-day summit focused on the following topics: • Transformational M&S Enablers; • M&S Enabling Resilient Space Capabilities; • M&S Integrating Space Capabilities into Multi-Domain Operations The event attracted close to 600 participants from the Department of Defense industry, academia and international partners. Of the M&S Summit attendees, 61 participants represented the Space Force. Space Force attendees included personnel from all its field commands, the Space Warfighting Analysis Center, National Air and Space Intelligence Center and Air Force Research Laboratory.
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