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How real is 3D holographic blue beam technology?

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There is much written about the infamous Blue Beam project from which it is said that it will be used to create a fake alien invasion. 


Now, there are rumors that soon they are going to rollout this blue beam technology in order to convince the people that there is a threat from outer space. 

Of course there are secret government projects that use certain technologies and they have powerful satellites and ground based systems that can project holograms. They have been developing and perfecting this holographic blue beam technology for decades and it looks real.

But creating a fake alien invasion would require an enormous amount of resources and would be very difficult to keep it secret. Additionally, such an event would likely have major ethical and political implications that the US government would not want to risk, therefore it is unlikely that it would be used to create a false flag event, but you never know.

Watching the video below of a large fire-breathing dragon flying around at the opening of a baseball game at Happy Dream Park in South Korea in 2019 which was streamed live through sports broadcasting channels then it's not hard to imagine what's possible by using 3D holographic blue beam technology. 


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