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Apollo Astronaut Walter Cunningham Dies at 90


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      Students from Choctaw Nation Head Start, Jones Academy Elementary, and seven area public schools in Durant, Oklahoma, will have an opportunity this week to hear from a NASA astronaut aboard the International Space Station.View the full article
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      Students from the Boys & Girls Club of the Flathead Reservation and Lake County in Ronan, Montana, will have an opportunity this week to hear from a NASA astronaut aboard the International Space Station. The space-to-Earth call will air live at 12 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Jan. 25, on NASA Television, the NASA app, and the agency’s website.View the full article
    • By USH
      If you've seen this before, you might want to look again. If you have never seen it, you also might want to look again. 

      According to Viewzone, we talking about an enormous spaceship on the moon allegedly discovered and photographed during the Apollo 15 mission. The story about this alien spacecraft has been going around the web since about 2007. 
      The craft was supposed to have been a very large alien spacecraft which had crashed or was otherwise abandoned on the Moon in ancient times. 
      The existence of this ship is shrouded in mystery and it is said there were 'classified NASA space missions' to the moon, with top priority, a close examination of the huge spaceship. 
      The mystery continues with the statement of William Rutledge. Mr. William Rutledge (retired) claims he was on a special NASA mission and involved with NASA in the late 70s. 
      Rutledge claims to have worked on at least two missions to the Moon, including the failed Apollo 19, and the Apollo 20, which he says was launched in August of 1976 from Vandenberg Air Force Base. 
      Both of these missions, according to Rutledge, were 'secret joint space missions' resulting from collaborations between U.S. and Soviet governments. They do not appear on any roster of NASA missions, and if this is true, its for good reason. 
      Now, 'The Why Files' has made an amazing video on this mysterious alien spacecraft and you may wonder if all of this is actually real, but at the end of the video he concludes, as many other people, that the whole story on the secret Apollo 20 mission to the moon to salvage an ancient alien spacecraft was a hoax. 

      But... was it really a hoax, the above panoramic photo AS15-P-9630 (Atlas Apollo Images) proves the existence of an enormous ancient spacecraft on the moon.
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    • By USH
      Apollo 17 (December 7–19, 1972) was the final mission of NASA's Apollo program and they never went to the moon again for some good reasons that time. 

      Now after 50 years something has changed and with its Artemis program NASA prepares to return to and to land astronauts on the moon again as soon as 2025. As NASA states, they are going back to the moon for scientific discovery, economic benefits, and inspiration for a new generation of explorers and we may wonder what these discoveries could be, maybe the man-made structures and (alien)objects already reported by the Apollo crews but hidden from the public for over 50 years? 
      Neil Armstrong said, look, you know, if I were to go forward and talk about what actually happened, it's been, I've been told Neil Armstrong said this to us, that my me, my wife, my children, and my grandchildren would all be killed. That they would take us out somehow. Some terrible accident. And he says, I'm not going to talk about it. 
      Here is an extract from the original press release. NASA scientists and engineers participating in exploration of Mars and the Moon reported the results of their discoveries at a briefing at the Washington National Press Club on March 21st, 1996. It was announced for the first time that manmade structures and objects have been discovered on the moon. 
      The scientists spoke rather cautiously and evasively about these objects, with the exception of a UFO. They always mentioned that manmade objects are possible and stated the information was still understudy and official results would be published later. 
      It was mentioned at the briefing that the Soviet Union used to own some photo materials proving the presence of such activity on the moon, and although it wasn't identified what kind of activity it was thousands of photo and video materials from the Apollo. And also the Clementine Space Station showed many parts on the lunar surface where this activity and its traces were perfectly evident. 
      The video films and photos made by us astronauts during the Apollo program were demonstrated at the briefing. People were extremely surprised why the materials hadn't been presented to the public earlier NASA specialists.
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