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NASA controllers and astronauts have a conversation about UFOs they witness then NASA cut feed


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This older recording not only proves that NASA astronauts do encounter UFOs, but it shows how NASA controls the narrative about UFOs during the STS missions and other space missions. 


Normally NASA astronauts follow a "script" and they know exactly what and when to say. These astronaut however were too shocked by something they had never seen before. They forget their "lines" and no longer follows the script, instead a not planned discussion and conversation starts on which one NASA controller tries to save the situation and cut the live feed in an attempt to hide the truth that these astronauts had a couple "visitors" passing by. 

Conversation between the astronauts and NASA's control Houston 

What a flash...?
What'd say Mark?
I saw alight flash...(unintelligible)...there it is again.
I thought it must have been me...
I said I thought it was my imagination...
I saw it too so it's not...
There's two of them.
There's another one...
What are they?
I think I saw lights flickering in here...
Who'd be taking pictures?
What is this?
It's just gone past in front of us...
Further lights...
Which ones?
I lost surveillance for a second...
but had veillance the whole time...(unintelligible)
Gone up...


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