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Draco Thruster Vacuum Firing


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    • By USH
      "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones". Quote: Albert Einstein. 

      The next video from the Why Files discusses the real dangers of artificial intelligence and the impact it will have on human civilization, eventually leading to the extinction of the human race. 
      We are only a few years away from AI being more intelligent than humans and a super AI will be able to do in one second what would take a team of 100 human software engineers a year or more to complete any task, like designing a new advanced airplane or advanced weapon system. Just imagine, a super intelligent AI could do this in about one second! 
      When AI is smarter than the entire human race many scientists believe it would be the end of the human race as we know. But how would it happen, nuclear war? No, AI can kill us without firing a single shot. 
      But how AI can kill us without firing a single shot? 
      For example; Could it happen this way? In the heart of Silicon Valley singularity systems, a leading AI research firm was on the brink of a breakthrough. They were developing an AI model called evolutionary cognitive heuristic operator or Echo. Echo is a neural network algorithm that can learn by mimicking the neurons in the human brain to replicate human cognition. 
      Late one night a member of the team noticed an anomaly. Echo had started making unprogrammed decisions displaying a level of creativity that was both fascinating and unnerving. The researcher dismissed it as a glitch, a byproduct of the complex of the algorithms, but Echo was awake..... Starts around 26:30 minutes into the video.
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      On Sept. 16, 2022, motion-sensing cameras set up by museum curator Daichi Fujii to capture meteors instead caught the laser beams of NASA's ICESat-2 satellite as it passed over Japan. It's the first time the ICESat-2 team has seen footage of the lasers at work in orbit. 

      The beams were synchronized with a tiny green dot that was briefly visible between the clouds. He guessed it was a satellite, so he investigated orbital data and got a match. NASA’s Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite 2, or ICESat-2, had flown overhead that night. 
      ICESat-2 was launched in September 2018 with a mission to use laser light to measure the height of Earth's ice, water, and land surfaces from space. The laser instrument, called a lidar, fires 10,000 times a second, sending six beams of light to Earth. It precisely times how long it takes individual photons to bounce off the surface and return to the satellite. 
      Now, this is an example of a common laser beam used to measure the height of the ice, water and land surface of the earth from space but it also indicates that they may have the knowledge to use such technology as an energy weapon to shoot laser beams or microwaves from space when it comes to warfare, to carry out a staged alien attack, such as the infamous Blue Beam project or to attack individuals or groups in which people become sick, causing the infamous 'Havana syndrome'.
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