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Triangle UFO filmed along the Rome-Civivecchia motorway in Italy

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Around 5.30 pm on Monday 1 November, 2021 an unknown triangular craft with three fixed lights suddenly appeared in the sky along the Rome-Civitavecchia motorway near Tarquinia, Italy. 


The witness of the craft, probably a TR-3B said that he noticed lights appear in the distance in the clouds that seemed to appear and disappear on which he stopped to take a better look and to take images of the object before it disappeared.


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    • By USH
      NASA has recently stated that much more "data" is needed in the study of UAP. Everyone wants data, but do we really lack good data when it comes to this phenomenon? 
      For 80 years, the United States military has encountered UAP, once known as UFOs. There is a long history of encounters, as well as the deliberate suppression of evidence. 

      Richard Dolan has uncovered a case that had been buried in the database of the National UFO Reporting Center concerning the U.S. Coast Guard in the year 1973. 
      It involved an incredible UFO encounter in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and the confiscation of photographs by "Men in Black," and the intimidation of the witnesses. 
      Date and Location: The incident took place in the summer of 1973, somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The exact coordinates and specific location remain undisclosed, adding to the mystery surrounding the event. 
      Initial Encounter: The incident began when the crew of a U.S. Coast Guard vessel reportedly observed an unusual object in the sky. Witnesses described these objects as hovering and maneuvering in ways that defied conventional aircraft capabilities. It emitted strange lights and exhibited erratic movements, leaving the crew perplexed and concerned. 
      Photographic Evidence: In a bold attempt to document the inexplicable phenomenon, several members of the Coast Guard crew managed to capture photographs of the unidentified object. These photographs were intended to serve as crucial visual evidence of the encounter. 
      The Intervention of "Men in Black": One of the most remarkable aspects of this incident was the alleged intervention of mysterious individuals commonly referred to as "Men in Black." These individuals, who often appear in UFO-related accounts, are believed by some to be government agents tasked with concealing or discrediting UFO-related evidence. In this case, "Men in Black" purportedly boarded the Coast Guard vessel and confiscated the photographic evidence, along with any other records or documentation related to the incident. 
      Intimidation of Witnesses: The crew members who had witnessed and attempted to document the UAP encounter reported feeling threatened and intimidated by the "Men in Black." These individuals allegedly warned the witnesses not to discuss the incident with anyone and conveyed a sense of secrecy and urgency. 
      Secrecy and Cover-Up: The incident, like many other UAP encounters involving military personnel, was shrouded in secrecy. Details of the event were allegedly classified or suppressed, making it difficult for researchers and the public to access comprehensive information. 
      Witness report: The UFO would come down hovering above us. We could see what I would describe as portholes. I rotated as it hovered. The lights changed color. Then it would go up in a second becoming very small. Then it seemed to show off, as if it knew we were watching it. It would accelerate across the sky in a split second while doing right angles. 
      Many photos of this craft were taken with telephoto lens. I remember I couldn't wait to see the photos after they were developed. I never saw them. 
      When we were relieved from Ocean Station Duty, we headed back to Governor's Island, Yankee Pier, where was our home port. We were not expecting the reception that we received. As we were docking, I saw quite a few "Men In Black" waiting to board our ship. Usually after docking, if you did not have duty, we were granted liberty of usually 72 hours. No one was allowed to leave the ship. We were all interrogated one by one by these "Men In Black". We were told to sign an affidavit, stating we saw nothing. We were warned that if we mention this to anyone, we would be gone. 
      We were told not to go to any news media, and try and tell this story. If we did, we would be prosecuted by the government. 
      So, what becomes evident is that we do indeed possess a trove of data on these occurrences; it's simply shrouded in secrecy, concealed from the public eye. 
      The NUFORC Case referenced here is at: https://nuforc.org/sighting/?id=76914
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    • By USH
      The Department of Defense recently introduced the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office Website (AARO) to provide the public with information about AARO's mission to investigate and address unidentified anomalous phenomena. This website will serve as a platform for sharing details, including images and videos, related to resolved UAP cases that have been declassified and approved for public release. 

      However, it's essential to note that while some 'not important' UFO/UAP cases have been resolved and made public there is no doubt they are hiding a significant amount of UFO evidence collected by the US Government and the Department of Defense since 1947 than they publicly admitting but these undisclosed UFO/UAP cases are likely to remain classified and won't be featured on the AARO website. 
      When we talk about UFO/UAP cases, where military officers have claimed more data and video evidence exists than has been revealed, but has been seized by official authorities, we must recall three historical cases: 
      First, the 1952 Tremonton, UT UFO incident, where Navy Chief Photographer Delbert Newhouse filmed strange objects maneuvering in the sky. The US Air Force analyzed the footage and couldn't identify what the things were. Newhouse said the film didn't fully show what he saw with his naked eyes. 
      Next, astronaut Gordon Cooper's claims that he saw footage in 1957 at Edwards Air Force Base of a saucer-shaped UFO landing on a dry lake bed. The film was allegedly sent to Washington, and Cooper never saw it again. 
      Finally, Dr. Robert Jacobs, who was ordered in 1964 to film an ICBM test. He captured footage of a UFO firing beams of light at the warhead. Jacobs says men in gray suits confiscated the footage and ordered him to never speak of it again. 
      These three historical cases, analyzed by Chris Letho in the video below, provide credible evidence that the US government has more classified UFO data than it want to reveal to the public which may make you wonder what the real agenda is behind the AARO website.
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    • By USH
      The resurgence of the Vector symbol across various space agencies, including NASA, has sparked intrigue. Questions arise about the significance of the Vector symbol and its presence on these agency logos. 
      One wonders if the symbol refers to a symbolic talisman, representing an emblem of occult worship or linked to celestial beings such as angels, demons, or other entities or eventually it is an allusion to ancient times, a sign denoting the essence of the multiverse itself? Does it symbolize the mastery over time and space? 
      Now if you take a look at the following images and video the use of this vector symbol across multiple space agencies appears less coincidental. 
      Consider the intriguing images below, captured by the Apollo 11 crew during their return journey from the moon to Earth. With a closer look involving zooming in, enhancement, and application of various filters, the object becomes more discernible. It unveils a structure shaped like a vector, complete with three supporting legs, situated on the lunar surface. 

      Comparisons of this object with another object photographed by the Apollo 17 crew reveals a striking similarity in the vector structure's appearance. 

      Additionally, an image captured during a spacewalk by a member of the STS115 mission reveals the very same vector configuration intriguingly mirrored on the astronaut's helmet. 

      Despite much speculation, these images as well as analysis of the lunar object in the video of YouTube channel 1967Sander provided below, suggest that these vector-shaped objects potentially represent highly advanced alien vehicles.
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    • By USH
      On June 26, 2023, the owner of a drone managed to capture a perplexing moment near a crop circle in Owlsebury, Hampshire, UK. The drone's camera recorded an unknown orb or sphere flying towards the drone, but it is the question whether this entity has anything to do with the crop circle. 
      Credit image: Van and Drone Adventures.
      This sphere exhibits an appearance reminiscent of energetic phenomena, like a plasma ball, and it moves at high speed before vanishing into thin air. 
      Given the remarkable velocity of the object and the absence of any discernible flapping wings, it seems unlikely that the entity in question is a mere insect or bird. 
      It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it was, but its characteristics bear resemblance to what is known as a "Fastwalker." Alternatively, it raises speculation about potentially supernatural origins, such as a manifestation of a soul. 
      The first video provides a view of the sphere's approach, showing both normal and slow-motion speeds to enable a closer analysis of the strange object. The second video shows the crop circle discovered on June 26, 2023. See images of the crop circle at: http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2023/allankingway/allankingway2023a.html
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    • By USH
      In an exclusive interview, Senator Marco Rubio told NewsNation Washington correspondent Joe Khalil that multiple individuals with very high clearances and high positions within our government” “have come forward to share” “first-hand” UFO-related claims “beyond the realm of what (the Senate Intelligence Committee) has ever dealt with, are significant in bringing further attention to the topic.
      UFO Devon England - Image credit: UFO Casebook.
      It's worth noting that Rubio referred to the whistleblower's claims as "credible and urgent," according to the oversight findings of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Additionally, multiple military, intelligence, and contractor officials have reportedly supported the claims that the U.S. government or private companies possess craft of possible non-human origin.
      It is true that while there has been a growing interest and acknowledgment of the UFO phenomenon within official circles regarding the existence of undisclosed UFO-related programs, the process of full and transparent UFO disclosure remains uncertain. 
      Meanwhile, on the 19th of June 2023, at the Teign Estuary, Devon England a photographer noticed something metallic-looking that came out from a cloud. 
      According UFO Casebook, the photographer stated that it was a flying saucer, see image above, with two black rectangular windows on the dome portion of the craft and four black openings along the bottom part of its structure. some type of force field emanating around it and as the underside of the UFO pulsated with electric blue waves made him think that maybe this craft was using electrogravitic technology as its anti-gravitationally propulsion. 
      He managed to capture an image of the UFO before it rotated and shot off into a nearby cloud at incredible speed. 
      Although the UFO issue implemented at the highest level continues, the image of the UFO at Devon, England is further proof that these craft, whether of human or non-human origin, exist.
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