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What are these unknown flying objects

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There are many unknown objects flying through our skies and people are increasingly wondering what these objects could be.


Like an unknown dark rectangular shaped object about 300-400 feet in the air over Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, obvious no balloon or kite since there was no wind or the Illuminated disk and cigar shaped objects captured over San Antonio, Texas, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Conyers, Georgia.

Yet a bright unknown light moving fast from west to east in northern sky as well as a strange line of 3 lights moving very fast at high altitude over North Vancouver, captured in night vision British Columbia, Canada. 



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    • By USH
      A few days ago, on Wednesday night around 10:09 p.m. the backyard security camera of a Kingsburg resident captured a weird looking object, what the resident described as an unusual strange light that started zigging and zagging on its trajectory. 

      The cam owner wonders if it could be aliens or something else, but some viewers have suggested that it might be a digital artifact, a glitch in the camera or recording process that creates the optical illusion of an object with unusual characteristics, though not everyone is convinced it may have been a camera glitch. 

      The sighting in Kingsburg California is indeed quite intriguing due to the unique appearance of the object, with a glowing front and what seems like an aura. The mystery deepens as much of the anomaly is shrouded by what appears to resemble a dark plasma cloud. 
      It is hard to explain what the object could have been, maybe a UFO or otherworld entity? But as the cam owner said: "It's something, something different that I've ever seen."
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    • By European Space Agency
      Video: 00:03:29 ESA’s Euclid mission is designed to bring the dark side of the Universe to light. Based on the way galaxies rotate and orbit one another, and the way in which the Universe is expanding, astronomers believe that two unseen entities dominate the composition of our cosmos. They call these mysterious components dark matter and dark energy, yet to date we have not been able to detect either of them directly, only inferring their presence from the effects they have on the Universe at large.
      To better understand what dark matter and dark energy may be, we need a mission that can more closely reveal what effects they have had on galaxies, galaxy clusters and the expansion of the Universe itself. Euclid is that mission.
      ESA’s Euclid mission will create a 3D-map of the Universe, with the third dimension representing time itself. The further away a galaxy is located, the longer its light has taken to reach us and so the earlier in cosmic history we will see it. By observing billions of galaxies out to a distance of 10 billion light-years, scientists will be able to chart the position and velocity of galaxies over immense distances and through most of cosmic history, and trace the way the Universe has expanded during that time. Euclid’s extraordinary optics will also reveal subtle distortions in the appearance of galaxies.
      From this wealth of new data, astronomers will be able to infer the properties of dark energy and dark matter more precisely than ever before. This will help theorists pin down the nature of these mysterious components and develop a refined understanding of how gravity behaves at the largest distances.
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    • By USH
      Is this the most spectacular UFO footage ever captured in space? This video was captured by NASA's own cameras aboard Shuttle Mission STS-48 / Discovery from 1991. 

      An object flies right to left before a bright flash is seen from what is presumably the firing of a weapon. The object immediately responds by changing direction and accelerating to an incredible speed. What looks like a missile or energy weapon streaks through the area where the UFO had been. 
      NASA explained that it was a debris particle responding to a shuttle thruster firing but records obtained from NASA show that none of the space shuttle’s thrusters were firing during the moment of the flash and the object initial response to the light flash, besides, studies on this subject have learned that the object appears approximately one minute after the firing of the shuttle’s thrusters and one minute before the next thruster firing but given that the object was closer to the Earth’s horizon than to the space shuttle means the thrusters could not have provided the accelerating force necessary to deflect the object from its path. 

      In addition, at the moment of the light flash some force began accelerating the object in response to the light flash but since there is no apparent external source of propulsion to account for the increase in speed, suggesting that it, too, may have been self-propelled which is another indication that the object may have been a UFO under intelligent control responding to a possible attack on its craft.
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    • By USH
      Recently NASA solar satellites captured some strange anomalies near the sun. 
      It is often said that these kind objects are just streaks left by cosmic rays or charged particles from space or a camera glitch but what if these objects which are not looking natural, are alien? 
      There is a cosmic cover-up of the highest order, but for how long they can keep the existence of UFOs in space secret from the public, especially if you see massive objects in the vicinity of the sun that clearly show solid-looking structures.

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    • By SpaceX
      Thank You For Flying SpaceX
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