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Mysterious streak of light appeared in the sky over Vietnam

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A strange streak of light like a bright red meteor appeared in the Quang Ngai sky, causing many people to talk about it. 


On the night of October 1st Nguyen NT (living in Tinh Ky Commune, Quang Ngai City) posted a clip on his personal Facebook page with many pictures of a rather strange light streak appearing in the Quang Ngai sky in the afternoon of the day September 29th. 

According to Ms. T., the light trail was accidentally recorded by her around 5:30 pm on September 29th. The band is bright red like a shooting star, but it doesn't move. 

“A lot of people think that at that time the sun was setting, so there was an image like that. But the image I filmed appeared in the east so it couldn't be said that the sun had already set. The light strip appeared red at first, there was a bright red color. the tail was like a shooting star and then it melted very quickly "- recalls Mrs. T.. 

Le Thi My (who lives in Quang Ngai City) said he also saw a streak of red light in the sky 3 days ago. It was late afternoon the trail looked like a big shooting star the red light was very beautiful. "Some people think it's a sign of a big storm," My said. 

According to Mr. Nham Xuan Sy, Director of Quang Ngai Hydrometeorological Station, with the initial images provided above it is still impossible to conclude anything. "If this image is true, then this is a very strange phenomenon, appearing in the sky for the first time in Quang Ngai," commented Mr. Sy.


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      What could this mysterious object have been? Something supernatural, a natural phenomenon or could it have been an alien probe under intelligent control? Orbs, spheres, it is a phenomenon that is not yet understood. 
      Location: Garrison New York - July 26, 2023 at 9.33 pm. 
      Take a look at the rare orb footage, which starts at about the 8.09 minutes in the video.
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      A few days ago, on Wednesday night around 10:09 p.m. the backyard security camera of a Kingsburg resident captured a weird looking object, what the resident described as an unusual strange light that started zigging and zagging on its trajectory. 

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      It is hard to explain what the object could have been, maybe a UFO or otherworld entity? But as the cam owner said: "It's something, something different that I've ever seen."
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