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Possible Vector Shaped Entity Leaving The Sun

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It’s remarkable that NASA and other space agencies are using the Vector 7 /Chevron symbol, which is a symbol or sign that refers to the living materials of the very multiverse itself, the power to control time space, the ability to wind back and alter events. 


What do they know? 

On September 15, 2021 the SOHO EIT 284 satellite captured a black Vector/Chevron shaped object leaving the sun and it doesn't look like a solar flare.

Could this object refer to what we see on the logos of the space agencies? 'Living Material'?


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      Now if you take a look at the following images and video the use of this vector symbol across multiple space agencies appears less coincidental. 
      Consider the intriguing images below, captured by the Apollo 11 crew during their return journey from the moon to Earth. With a closer look involving zooming in, enhancement, and application of various filters, the object becomes more discernible. It unveils a structure shaped like a vector, complete with three supporting legs, situated on the lunar surface. 

      Comparisons of this object with another object photographed by the Apollo 17 crew reveals a striking similarity in the vector structure's appearance. 

      Additionally, an image captured during a spacewalk by a member of the STS115 mission reveals the very same vector configuration intriguingly mirrored on the astronaut's helmet. 

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