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It Happened Again, UFO passing fighter jets during air show in England


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This is the second time within three weeks that a high-speed UFO passing fighter jets during an air show. 


On August 28, 2021, during an international air show in Thamesford, Ontario, Canada, a fast UFO flew past the Blue Angels and now on September 19, 2021, a similar incident occurred when the Red Arrows performed an air show in Chorley, England. 

As with the UFO in Canada, this UFO in England also has no wings or visible propulsion. 

What is going on? Why do these objects appear during air shows? 

Extremely fast UFO passing fighter jets during air show in Canada https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faN3p5uCukg&t=24s 

source: www.mufon.com


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