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    • By USH
      For the fifth consecutive night, pilots belonging to different airlines have reported the presence of UFOs over the skies of Porto Alegre, Brazil. 

      According to Inexplicata, between 22:50 and 23:10, four flights reported the presence of strange lights in the sky to the Air Traffic Control center. 
      The flights in question were 4248, 3140, 4407, of Azul Air, and LATAM flight 3406. Pilots noticed that the lights went on and off, but did not constitute a hindrance to air traffic. 
      The moment was recorded by the Salgado Filho Airport Control Center.

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    • By USH
      A FLIR camera captures a strange UFO with an uncanny resemblance to a rubber duck. 

      A US surveillance aircraft being flown by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) captured by using their thermal optics system (FLIR) at around 9pm on November 23, 2019 a very strange "rubber duck" shaped UFO flying at a speed between 90 and 200mph.not far from the US's southern border with Mexico. 
      The so-called "rubber duck' UFO is comparable with a unknown object also caught by the FLIR system of another Homeland Security aircraft while flying over Puerto Rico on April 25, 2013. 
      This UFO like object also moves just above the surface at speeds of up to 120mph before reaching the ocean whereupon it splits into two objects before diving into the ocean with very little splash and then proceeds to move at times on the water surface and just below the surface. 
      Since no known aircraft or drone has the capacity to perform the maneuvers as these UFOs did, we have to conclude that these objects of unknown origin are equipped with an advanced technology which is unknown to the public. 
      It is questionable whether these objects are of extraterrestrial origin, it is very possible that these objects were developed by the military and being part of a secret project. 
      Both UFOs were unintentionally captured on film, but it gives us a glimpse of the capabilities of these possible man-made objects whereby the object that plunged into the ocean may refer to an underwater base which may be under the control of the Navy/military.
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    • By USH
      Dark journalist Daniel Liszt interviews John W. Warner IV, the son of Mellon Heiress Catherine Mellon and Senator Warner of Virginia.

      John W. Warner IV goes deep on his family connections to the The Cosmos Club known as the UFO Bilderberg. He also explains how his father, Secretary of the Navy John Warner had knowledge of Secret Navy AUTEC experiments in the HotZone to extract the Atlantean Tuaoi Stone (Also called the Fire Stone) from the Ocean Floor and classified Top Secret UFO Salvaging Operations. 
      AUTEC (Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center - Navys Area 51) 
      Since its construction in 1959 there are many strange reports of USO and UFO activity all around AUTEC. Stories of Aliens working with NAVY personnel in a deep underwater base just of the Bahamas at the tip of the Bermuda Triangle in one of the deepest trenches in the ocean. 
      The Atlantean Tuaoi Stone: The most prominent factor in Cayce's predictions is the Tuaoi Stone, or the Fire Crystal. It was a source of rejuvenation of the Atlanteans' bodies and a power source for their technology. Cayce's description of this six sided, cylindrical quartz and its abilities resembles that of a present day laser beam, using a type of ultraviolent light energy to power 
      Mystery of the Crystal Sphere of Atlantis   (A must read).
      Version of The Atlantean Sphere on 11/11/11 at the Mayan Crystal Skull Conference in Los Angeles - Photos by Robyn Swick 
      Uses of  the ancient Crystals:
      01. Healing, childbirth, crossing over 02. Meditation, awakening, increasing psychic abilities 03. Increasing mental capacity and clarity of thought 04. Science and technology 05. Dematerialization 06. Teleportation 07. Telekinesis 08. Magnetic force fields 09. Libraries 10. Storing records and other knowledge, much like a computer 11. Botany and agriculture 12. Weather Control 13. Huge crystal tower power generators 14. Communication 
      Crystals have the ability to transfer energy, to retain it, to maintain its intensity, to focus and transmit it over great distance to similar receivers as are equal or comparable to the transmitter. The larger stones, called Fire Crystals, were the central receiving and broadcasting stations, while others acted as receivers for individual cities, buildings, vehicles and homes. 
      John W. Warner IV said that clandestine intelligence structures have kept dramatic leaps in exotic ancient UFO technology behind a lethal Wall of Secrecy (X-Protect). Warner asks the question: Can the X-Technology inside the UFO File be made accessible to the world?
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    • By UAP News
      Dr. Robert Jacobs had a career as an Air Force officer and at one point in his career was charged with recording a missile launch.
      The post 9.25.22 The Interesting History of Dr. Robert Jacobs appeared first on UAP.News.
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    • By USH
      On November 8,1978, Mrs. Cathy Wilfong and her sister Mrs. Cindy Bridges viewed a UFO near Greenfield, Indiana. 
      You could say they had very good proof that they did see something unidentified by the large imprint, about 140 feet long, that was left in their soybean field in the back of their home. 

      It was around 9:00 PM when Cindy went out to get some firewood, when she noticed a big fiery light coming down towards the soybean field. When she went to investigate what the object was, she became frightened and started screaming for Cathy to come out and look at this thing that was coming down towards the field. 
      Cathy knew something was wrong when she heard the screaming and her dog, Babe, barking wildly. When she saw the object coming down she couldn't believe it. Although frightened, Cathy ran to the garage to get her camera. When she couldn't find her camera she ran into the house petrified. 
      At this time Cindy was in the camper watching the object from the inside. She stayed in the camper for an estimated time of 4 minutes. When she noticed Cathy running into the house she decided she had better go into the house too. 
      After calling the Sheriff's Department, Cathy then called her mother who lives 6 miles away from the Wilfong residence; she came immediately and saw the lights of the UFO as it departed. (She watched these lights as she drove towards their house, and first saw them from 4 to 5 miles away as she approached on state road 209.) The Wilfong's live 8 miles from the Sheriffs office, but it took them at least 30 minutes to get to the house from the time Cathy called. 
      Upon the Deputy's arrival they informed Cathy that what they had seen was a "helicopter." This so-called "helicopter" made no sound whatsoever, had no propeller so it just naturally threw no propwash, did not have any night flying navigational beacon as required by FAA regulations, and was 120 to 140 feet long. 
      As described by the witnesses, the UFO was oblong, very, very huge with a kind of greenish-dray color. (See sketch.) It had three lights, one red and two white. The UFO did not have any sound, and it moved flying sideways behind the barn and then took off flying front ways. 

      Cathy stated, "the thing moved like it was in slow motion. It was very huge with three lights. There was some kind of circle in the middle of the bottom or underneath side. The whole time we watched this object, we could only see the bottom side." The estimated time they viewed the object was 40 minutes. 
      This UFO incident attracted the attention of the Center for UFO Studies in Evanston, Illinois. They sent out one of their investigators, Allan Hendry, who is the top field investigator for the Center. Hendry stated, "This sighting was one of the two most significant sightings the Center has examined in 1978. 
      Due to the fact that this sighting was at such a close range by two credible witnesses and also due to the physical evidence the UFO left, which was the impression in their soybean field." Hendry went on to state, "The impression left in the field is similar to 'Saucer Nests' found and reported in Australia and elsewhere in the World, also indicated the UFO never did touch the ground." The stems in the bean field were not uprooted at all, and the stems were intertwined and matted together. 
      The case also was investigated by MUFON Field Investigator, Arthur Morros of Zionsville, Indiana."
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