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Strange metallic object hovering in front of a trail cam

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Cam Owner living Roanoke, Virginia: "I have a trail cam situated at night to observe any animals that may wander into my backyard".


"On 3:03 am, July 30, the trail cam audio/video recorded an object hovering in front of the lens that looks exactly like a typical metallic UFO". 

"There was absolutely nothing to the front of the camera, there is a wood line about 50 yards in front of the camera and cannot be picked up by the camera".

Furthermore: Disk object zooms away over Manhattan, New York, Cigar object hovering in the sky over Los Angeles, California and a huge glowing ring emerges from a cloud. Source: www.mufon.com


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      Investigative journalists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp obtained and are revealing for the first time - footage of a military filmed UAP incursion within a United States joint operations base. This UAP of unknown origin displayed transmedium capability - and has been officially designated by the United States intelligence agencies as a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). 

      Event description: An incursion by an object of unknown origin was filmed using Thermographic / Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) for a durational period at a United States joint operations base in Iraq on October 2018 (night). 
      The object moved through a sensitive military installation - and eventually traversed over a body of water, where it actuated a controlled descent - submerging into the water. 
      After an observational period of about seventeen minutes - the UAP reemerged from the body of water and shot-off at an extreme rate of speed - beyond the optical scope of the observation platform. 
      The UAP displayed transmedium capability:The UAP was filmed entering the water with a controlled descent. The UAP emerged from the water about seventeen minutes later and orientated into a sudden and rapid directional flight - beyond the optical range of the platform monitoring it. 
      The UAP displayed low observability:The UAP was not visible with Night Vision (IR) and appeared to jam the targeting capability of the optical platform. 
      The UAP displayed:Positive lift - without the normally associated aerodynamic means for lift and thrust. The signatures typically associated with the propulsion maneuvers observed - were absent. 
      Note: Could it be an Ebani?Limited information exists regarding these UAP types. Could the unidentified object possibly be an Ebani? An Ebani is an organic (biological) entity that resides in our atmosphere. It seemly remains invisible to the naked eye, which could account for its detection solely on thermal cameras. The fact that the entity not only flies through the air but also submerges underwater for approximately 17 minutes before resurfacing and swiftly soaring away, indicating intelligent and deliberate movement.
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