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Financial Management


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Financial Management

NSSC Financial Management Portfoilo
The NSSC provides Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Travel, and Fund Balance with Treasury (FBWT) services for each of the NASA Centers and Headquarters (HQ). Additionally, the NSSC provides services for Conference Reporting, Extended Temporary Duty (ETDY) Assistance, Relocation Services, and support for the Agency Travel/Fleet Card Programs.

Accounts Payable

NSSC Accounts Payable processes all accounts payable invoices, centrally billed accounts, and government charge card transactions for the Agency.

Accounts Receivable

The NSSC provides consolidated billing and collection for reimbursable and non-reimbursable Accounts Receivable.


The NSSC provides Travel Reimbursement services for all authorized Agency travel including: domestic, foreign, ETDY, and Change of Station.

Vendor Payment

NASA is committed to expedient and accurate payment of invoices. The NSSC provides invoice payments, tips to avoid delayed payments and answers to questions you may have about the payment of your invoice. 

Fund Balance with Treasury

The NSSC prepares and reports the Statement of Transactions (FMS 224) and associated reports to Treasury according to the accounting policy and related management requirements necessary to establish financial control over NASA’s FBWT and other cash resources not part of the FBWT.

Change of Station

The NSSC provides all necessary resources to ensure that your Change of Station will occur in a smooth transition.

Domestic Travel

If you are planning to travel on official NASA business anywhere in the United States and are wondering what steps you need to take prior to your departure, the NSSC Domestic Travel team will help with your travel.

Foreign Travel

If you are you planning to travel on official NASA business outside of the United States and are wondering what steps you need to take to ensure a successful trip, the NSSC Foreign Travel team will help with your travel.

Extended Travel 

If you are planning on going on  ETDY with NASA and are wondering what steps you need to complete a successful trip, the NSSC Extended Travel team will help with your travel.

Travel Card

The NSSC executes oversight for the Agency Travel and Fleet Card Programs by conducting liaison activities with HQ and the bank, providing guidance and regulatory reporting as required under the provisions of the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-123, Appendix B.

Fleet Card

NASA provides the J.P. Morgan Chase and US Bank Fleet Card for each NASA owned vehicle in direct support for the purchase of fuel and minor maintenance.  This card program offers widespread acceptance for employee drivers as well as innovative technology to assist NASA Fleet managers to control costs.    

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