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7.20.22 Orbs Over London

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    • By European Space Agency
      Image: Aurora over Wales View the full article
    • By USH
      On January 24, 2023 what seems to be a metallic UFO has been spotted while hovering above the Arizona desert. the UFO is accompanied by another object visible in the distance. 

      Isn't it strange that these kinds of unknown objects can fly through US airspace at low altitudes seemingly undisturbed and are not intercepted and brought down like the Chinese hot air balloon and the other three unknown objects? 
      Wouldn't it make sense that these types of objects would also be intercepted and shot down by the US Airforce as happened with the Chinese balloon and the other three unknown objects? 
      Since the many UFOs and UAPs are left alone, not only does it say a lot about the knowledge the Pentagon and the US government have about these UFOs and UAPs to make the decision not to shoot down these objects, but it also says a lot about the shooting down of the other objects, likely indicating that these actions were carried out as part of a secret agenda behind the scenes, that may not be known to the US government, to archive a particular target in the near future.
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    • By USH
      A hang-glider was filming the take-off of another glider near Sutter Buttes, California when he accidentally caught a small, dark, round object whizzes by so close it nearly hits him. 

      The object which has no wings or visible propulsion has an incredible speed and can only be seen in a split second. Only after slowing down and pause the footage it reveals an object with four pinched-off corners that rests on what looks like a round disk. 
      Some speculate it might have been a balloon, but the object simply has too much speed to be a balloon.
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    • By USH
      Latest update on the unidentified objects flying over the US and Canada: 
      Yesterday the US Airforce has shot down another unidentified flying object, this time the object was shot down over Lake Huron and they are going to recover the debris to analysis the object. 

      The Pentagon has refused to rule out the recent unidentified objects shot out of the sky could be aliens. US Air Force General Glen VanHerck said intelligence services were exploring all avenues - including the three most recent objects may be linked to extraterrestrials.
      Asked whether he had ruled out 'aliens or extraterrestrials', he said: 'I'll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven't ruled out anything' reports the Dailymail. 
      It seems as that the US air force has more information about these mysterious objects and although they refuse to give an explanation, the statement of US Air Force General Glen VanHerck is remarkable. 
      Next, it seems that China will also have to deal with these unidentified flying objects. Sky News Asia Correspondent Brent O’Halloran says the Chinese authorities are considering shooting down an unidentified flying object after it was “detected” near a “port city” in the Northern Shandong province. 
      So far; 02-04-2023: Chinese Spy Balloon shot down off the coast of South Carolina 02-10-2023: Airborne object shot down over Alaska, Dead Horse 02-11-2023: Airborne object shot down over Northern Canada near Mayo, Yukon 02-11-2023: Airborne object detected on radar over Montana 02-12-2023: Airborne object show down over Lake Huron 
      The next three videos provide an update on the latest development on these unidentified flying objects whereby the third video from MRMBB333 provides more detailed insight including footage of a transport of a UFO-like object and a footage of a series of unidentified objects flying over the Argentine Sea.
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    • By USH
      Yesterday we reported that a U.S. F-22 fighter jet shot down an unidentified object flying high over Alaska on Friday, February 10, 2023. The object was described as cylindrical, silver gray and no visible propulsion and was reportedly about the size of a small car. 

      Now one day later, on Saturday another unidentified flying object was detected over northern Canada and confirmed by the North American Aerospace Defense Command after which US and Canadian fighter jets were scrambled and a US F-22 fighter jet shot it down with an AIM 9X missile. The object’s origin and identity is unclear. 
      Then on Saturday night once again fighter jets were scrambled due to a 'radar anomaly' but the fighter jets failed to locate the new unidentified flying object detected over Montana after military shut down airspace over the 'radar anomaly'. 
      This means that in 1 week time three high altitude airborne objects were shot down and they failed to locate another unidentified flying object detected on radar. 
      02-04-2023: Chinese Spy Balloon shot down off the coast of South Carolina 02-10-2023: Airborne object shot down over Alaska, Dead Horse 02-11-2023: Airborne object shot down over Northern Canada near Mayo, Yukon 02-11-2023: Airborne object detected on radar over Montana 
      As for the airborne objects, till now they refuse to give further information about the origin of the objects. As for the object over Montana, it is quite possible that the object was equipped with a cloaking device. 
      It will not surprise us that more similar strange incidents will take place in the near future. Are these flying objects a wake-up call for an impending space war?
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