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2.24.22 Who Really Controls the US Government UAP Program?

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    • By USH
      The Varginha UFO incident involves a series of events in 1996 when residents of Varginha, Brazil claimed seeing one or more strange creatures and at least one unidentified flying object (UFO). 

      The North American Air Defense Command, known as NORAD, was established in 1958. It was to provide early warning and defense against Soviet bombers and missile launches. 
      But it wasn't long before NORAD would be monitoring skies around the entire planet. 
      Early in the morning, on January 13th, 1996, NORAD contacted Brazilian Air Defense to report an object entering the Earth's atmosphere about 200 miles Northeast of Sao Paolo. 
      When asked what type of object, NORAD said it was "unidentified". A few minutes later, it crashed somewhere near the town of Varginha. 
      The Brazilian Army and Air Force quickly scrambled to get to the crash site before any civilians did. But they were too late. The craft was seen and the beings driving the craft we're gone, though one or more aliens are said to have been captured by Brazilian authorities. 
      Over the next few days, a series of events would unfold that would change the lives of the people in Varginha forever.
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    • By NASA
      NASA has established the new Moon to Mars Program Office at NASA Headquarters in Washington to carry out the agency’s human exploration activities at the Moon and Mars for the benefit of humanity. Amit Kshatriya will serve as the agency’s first head of the office, effective immediately.View the full article
    • By NASA
      NASA is taking home the honor of the Best Place to Work in the Federal Government among large agencies for 11 years in a row, as ranked by the Partnership for Public Service.View the full article
    • By NASA
      NASA has selected Dr. Jon B. Olansen as the new manager of the agency’s Gateway Program, an international collaboration building humanity's first lunar space station, which will support Artemis missions to the Moon.View the full article
    • By USH
      Yesterday we reported that a U.S. F-22 fighter jet shot down an unidentified object flying high over Alaska on Friday, February 10, 2023. The object was described as cylindrical, silver gray and no visible propulsion and was reportedly about the size of a small car. 

      Now one day later, on Saturday another unidentified flying object was detected over northern Canada and confirmed by the North American Aerospace Defense Command after which US and Canadian fighter jets were scrambled and a US F-22 fighter jet shot it down with an AIM 9X missile. The object’s origin and identity is unclear. 
      Then on Saturday night once again fighter jets were scrambled due to a 'radar anomaly' but the fighter jets failed to locate the new unidentified flying object detected over Montana after military shut down airspace over the 'radar anomaly'. 
      This means that in 1 week time three high altitude airborne objects were shot down and they failed to locate another unidentified flying object detected on radar. 
      02-04-2023: Chinese Spy Balloon shot down off the coast of South Carolina 02-10-2023: Airborne object shot down over Alaska, Dead Horse 02-11-2023: Airborne object shot down over Northern Canada near Mayo, Yukon 02-11-2023: Airborne object detected on radar over Montana 
      As for the airborne objects, till now they refuse to give further information about the origin of the objects. As for the object over Montana, it is quite possible that the object was equipped with a cloaking device. 
      It will not surprise us that more similar strange incidents will take place in the near future. Are these flying objects a wake-up call for an impending space war?
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