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1.22.22 Discovery+ Special on Alien Abductions

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      James Webb Telescope - New Enceladus Discovery
    • By USH
      Jon Stewart has spent more than 20 years researching the authenticity of a VHS Tape showing an alleged interrogation of a Gray Alien who was captured sometime around 1991. 

      He watched the video soon after its release in 1996 and became intrigued by its realistic depiction of the Gray Alien. 
      Stewart consulted video and animation experts, who did not detect any forgery. Stewart received a list of medical and military personnel directly involved in the interrogation and was able to speak with several of the named individuals. 
      He also learned about a disgruntled group of military insiders associated with the infamous S-4 facility at Area 51 who revealed they were behind the leaked video. 
      Stewart concludes that the tape is authentic and was leaked by an insider called Victor.
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    • By USH
      Could our DNA have been altered thousands of years ago? Explore the secrets of one of the oldest religious site known to man, Gobekli Tepe. 

      Researchers believe the ancient stone carvings tell the story of a progenitor race’s influence on human genetics through agriculture, astronomy and architecture.
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    • By USH
      One of the first observations made by NASA’s James Webb Telescope shows a Wolf-Rayet star, named WR 124. The rare sight of a Wolf-Rayet star – among the most luminous, most massive, and most briefly detectable stars known – was one of the first observations made by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope in June 2022. Webb shows the star, WR 124, in unprecedented detail with its powerful infrared instruments. The star is 15,000 light-years away in the constellation Sagittarius. 

      But the James Webb Space Telescope has not only captured a remarkable image of the star WR 124, as the same image also shows a mysterious luminous object in space at a considerable distance of the star WR 124. 

      A closer look reveals that the enormous object resembles what looks like an alien craft in the form of a flying saucer with a rectangular porthole at the front of the craft. Furthermore it looks like there is some kind of rectangular platform underneath the UFO that may have been attached to the craft.  

      Another detail is the object's unique shape which is symmetrical, (see image below) making it more likely that JWST captured an alien spacecraft rather than a celestial body.

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