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    • By NASA
      Has COVID Affected Climate Change? – We Asked a NASA Scientist
    • By USH
      The image is said to be a still from a video captured by a US military spy plane of a metallic-looking orb UFO over the Iraqi city of Mosul in April 2016. 

      Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and C2C's George Knapp have released the image in conjunction with the launch of their new podcast Weaponized. 

      Corbell states that the video is approximately four seconds long and has yet to be released. He also claims that the footage was included in a classified briefing to Congress by the Pentagon's UAP task force and that the object is believed to have been under some kind of intelligent control when it was captured on film.
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    • By USH
      This week a very strange sky phenomenon appeared over Turkey. It is said that the apparition was a massive lenticular cloud which appeared at sunrise and featured a large hole in the middle. 

      The object was spotted over the city of Bursa in Turkey on Thursday, surprising citizens who captured the rare phenomenon on their phones. 
      Despite official reports stating that the object was a lenticular cloud, many believe the flying saucer-like apparition was a massive UFO but disguised as a cloud.
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    • By USH
      An unknown object described by one local news outlet as a “UFO” has been shot down by an anti-aircraft defense system in the southern Russian region of Rostov. 

      Vasily Golubev, the governor of Rostov oblast, wrote on Telegram that a small-size object in the shape of a ball had been seen flying at an altitude of around one and a half miles on January 3 above the village of Sultan Sala in the region’s Myasnikovsky district. He explained that the object was apparently not something that belonged to the Russian military so the decision was taken to liquidate it, reports Newsweek. 
      A Russian official suggested that the ball-shaped object could have been a drone but local residents who witnessed the event, speculated that the Unidentified Flying Object was not man-made but of alien origin. So far it remains a mystery what the object could have been. 
      Videos below: Anti-aircraft system fires projectile at the suspected UFO, then projectile explodes and probably hits the alleged UFO.
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    • By USH
      On December 20, 2022, an unknown object does seem to go in the Sun's direction before it suddenly changing it's direction, almost making an U-turn without slowing down. 

      When a comet goes around the sun it comes back at the other side but this thing isn't going around the sun, it makes a parabolic turn before flying back into deep space.  
      A possibility is that the object could have been a UFO piloted by aliens but YouTube channel Suspicious0bservers offers two more possibilities of what the object might have been. 
      One commenter states: The speed and size would cause massive torsion and an aggregate would likely break up or burn up. The idea of a planet sized object coming close and veering like that would mean the is a force pulling it away from the sun. Another possibility is magnetic repulsion if the energy of the object is the opposite in polarity to the sun and reacted at that distance. 
      A second commenter states: It looks like it's zooming past the camera from behind, approaching the Sun, and then flying past it, in a parabolic curve. I think it's just the perspective that makes it look like it's approaching and then backing away. The only thing that shocks me is the size and speed of it. What if that had hit the Earth? 
      After watching the video and reading the comments, it's clear that no one knows exactly what this planet-sized object might have been. 
      UFO? Natural space phenomena? Or is it something to be worried about!
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