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11.21.21 When is a Drone NOT a Drone

UAP News

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    • By USH
      Since the widespread proliferation of camera drones in the mid-2010s many fast moving objects of bright white color have been recorded flying in earth's airspace at low altitude. 

      Their traveling speed seems to range from a few hundred km/h to several times the speed of sound. 
      The video analyzed by GoFastUFO reveals some further properties of WFMs (White Fast Movers - also called: UFO Fast Walkers): they often travel fast at a constant altitude, they are not or only weakly affected by gravitational forces, they often fly along a linear trajectory or a curve with a very large radius, they do not crash into obstacles. 
      In most cases of the here presented WFM footage the data reliably shows that they cannot be birds, insects or common technical devices such as model airplanes.
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    • By USH
      A drone owner filmed in the port of San Clemente del Tuyú, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina a so-called high speed UFO Fastwalker. 

      If we zoom in we see that the Fastwalker, which has no wings or visible propulsion, looks like something made up of a construction of tubes attached to the main body.
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    • By European Space Agency
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    • By UAP News
      With all of our naval might we couldn’t take down even one simple “drone.” That tells us that these were simply not drones.
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    • By UAP News
      Debunkers like to blame most UFO sightings on drones, China, Russia, meteors, etc. they can now be add “Wingless Drone” to their arsenal.
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