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    • By USH
      On October 26, 2022 a columns of mysterious lights were observed over the southern island of Jeju, South Korea. 

      Popularly referred to as light pillars, these streaks of light have been observed in various parts of the world on multiple occasions. 
      It is said that these beams in the sky is an optical illusion wherein ice crystals in the atmosphere reflect lights from the ground.
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    • By NASA
      NASA Explorers Season 5, Episode 4: The South Pole
    • By European Space Agency
      During spring and summer, as the air warms up and the sun beats down on the Greenland Ice Sheet, melt ponds pop up. Melt ponds are vast pools of open water that form on both sea ice and ice sheets and are visible as turquoise-blue pools of water in this Copernicus Sentinel-2 image.
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    • By USH
      The skies above South Dakota, US turned green on Tuesday (5 July) as a particularly strong storm rolled in. 

      Eerie images appeared on social media showing the peculiar color of the sky over Sioux Falls, South Dakota just before a thunderstorm swept through the area. 
      The National Weather Service confirmed that a ‘derecho storm’ barreled through much of South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa, leaving nearly 30,000 people without power for hours. 
      Storms qualify as derechos when they have sustained winds of at least 93 km/h and leave a path of damage at least 400 km long, according to the National Weather Service. This particular storm reached a wind speed of 159 km/h. 
      While residents in South Dakota have grown used to derechos having recently experienced two such storms, the green sky was a highly unusual sight. 
      What caused the sky to turn green? 
      It’s not fully understood why green skies occur, but most scientists point to the liquid water content in the air as a root cause. The celestial phenomenon occurs when clouds carry a lot of water and allow primarily blue light to pass through the storm cloud. The blue light mixes with the sun's red light, and the sky turns green.
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    • By UAP News
      In this UFO video you can clearly see a single object turning into multiple objects as it falls then they all stop falling.
      The post South Carolina Myrtle Beach UFOs appeared first on UAP.News.
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