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Mexico Popocatepetl Volcano

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    • By UAP News
      We rarely show a string of UFO videos together however these may all be of the same object at the same time.
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    • By USH
      A UFO sighting took place during the current tropical cyclone season over the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. The object was spotted in the sky by a local resident named Juanito Juan. 

      Juan says he was taking photos of some ominous, oncoming storm clouds when he spotted a metallic, disc-shaped UFO in the sky. 
      Looking like the prototypical flying saucer, Juan snapped several photos of the object which appear to show some of its movement in the sky. 
      “This photo was taken today 8/17/22 in the rural area of Tamaulipas by a person who calls himself Juanito Juan, during the afternoon of this day and when he wanted to take some photos of the storm clouds, he noticed this object and took this sequence.
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    • By UAP News
      In this UFO video, taken in the skies of Mexico City, Mexico, you can see a brightly lit orb hovering in the skies until it leaves
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    • By UAP News
      This UFO video you will notice the witness eagerly watching UFO on a hillside and feeling joy when it raises into the air
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    • By USH
      Luna, a prominent meteorologist, says that an unknown metallic orb with a secret code and maybe containing “valuable information inside” fell from the sky onto a tree in Veracruz, Mexico just before midnight Sunday night (July 31, 2022.- 23:50 pm.). 

      People who saw it falling from the sky said that the orb emitted a sound but there was no fire. (A CCTV footage shows the orb moving through the sky before falling down - See video below.)

      Luna, who posted several pages on this event on his Facebook account, suggests that it appears to be made of a very hard plastic or an alloy of various metals and apparently it has an antenna. 
      Small holes are observed which are a kind of undecipherable codes, but no hole or slit through which it could be opened. This orb has a timing mechanism that, at a certain time, it will open on its own, showing the valuable information inside, Luna said. 
      It is reported that early morning (03.15 am.) this Monday August 1, 2022 (which is just 3 and a half hours after the impact) a highly trained team of the secretary of the Navy of Mexico and/or the secretary of National Defense arrived on the spot with specialized equipment, encapsulating the orb with all precaution measures and protocols and transported the orb to an unknown destination beyond the borders of Mexico. 

      Some people suggest that the orb is part of the Chinese rocket that fell to earth on July 30, 2022 but that seems impossible as the re-entry of the rocket was one day before the Mexico event as well as most of the rocket debris has fallen into the ocean close to Malaysia, even rocket debris have been found in Kalimantan, Indonesia and in Sarawak, Malaysia. 
      It is clear that something has fallen from the sky in Mexico that the authorities want to keep secret.
      The public will never hear about this mysterious orb again.National Security issue: Closed!
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