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11.4.21 Extraterrestrial Life Evidence Scale

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    • By USH
      Peter Moon discusses a recent trip to Romania where he conducted research related to the Translyvania Rising book series. In the first part of the interview he focuses on what was discovered at a Cioclovina Cave, which he states has clear evidence of being a powerful time reactor. He believes the cave takes special significance during the 20 year planetary biorythm associated with the Montauk Project, which next occurs on 2023. 

      In the latter portion of the interview, Moon focuses on Book VI of the series: Forgotten Genesis where humanity's genetic origins is revealed. Moon covers how holographic records are accessed by the series protagonist Radu Cinamar who is helped in understanding humanity's origins by beings associated with an underground civilization called Apellos. 
      Moon elaborates on Cinamar's information about two human genotypes being created from which Sirians could incarnate on Earth, and a worker race would serve them. 

      The first genotype called E N L would possess more extraterrestrial genetics and thereby have greater psychic and mental abilities. In contrast, the second genotype, E N K would be more robust and better suited for living in Earth conditions. Moon discusses the Sirian geneticist Tenekau (aka Enki) responsible for creating the two human genotypes, which could be mixed to create a long lived hybrid species as discussed in ancient texts such as the King's List and Manetho's history of Egypt.
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    • By SpaceX
      Life at Starbase
    • By USH
      There has been renewed discussion lately regarding the Davis-Wilson notes, which detail a meeting held in 2002 that discussed a deeply secret reverse-engineering program pertaining to extraterrestrial technology. 

      Richard Dolan discusses the latest developments while also reviewing the notes themselves, his own personal connection to them, the arguments supporting their authenticity, and most importantly the implications. 
      Link to the Davis Wilson Notes: https://www.congress.gov/117/meeting/house/114761/documents/HHRG-117-IG05-20220517-SD001.pdf
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    • By USH
      Are we alone in this universe? Congress seems to think not. One branch of the American government implying that UFOs have non-human origins is an explosive development. 

      According to Vice, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee believe (on a unanimous, bipartisan basis) that some UFOs have non-human origins. After all, why would Congress establish and task a powerful new office with investigating non-'man-made' UFOs if such objects did not exist? 
      Despite Congress now asking the Pentagon to focus only on those objects that haven’t been designed by human hands we must ask ourselves whether it could be another distraction in an attempt to hide the truth about the existence of extraterrestrial UFOs and intelligent life beyond Earth. 
      Avi Loeb, Ph. D., an astrophysicist and professor of science at Harvard University, joined Morning in America to discuss the possibility of life beyond Earth.
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    • By UAP News
      Bob Lazar was a whistleblower claiming to be involved in reverse engineering extraterrestrial craft for the United States government
      The post 8.19.22 Bob Lazar Knows About Extraterrestrial Craft appeared first on UAP.News.
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