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10.4.21 Alien Copulation Claims

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    • By USH
      New tracking technology may have finally solved the mystery of flight MH-370 which disappeared 7-and-a-half years ago 

      British aerospace engineer, Richard Godfrey has spent the last 9 months using new tracking technology known as 'weak signal propagation' combined with data from the satellite communications system onboard MH370 to track the missing plane’s doomed final flight. 
      “Together the two systems can be used to detect, identify and localize MH370 during its flight path into the Southern Indian Ocean,” he said to 7news.
      According to his report, the aircraft crashed about a minute after the final satellite link-up at 8.19am over the Indian Ocean. 
      He claims to have pinpointed the precise coordinates where Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crashed and dropped to the bottom of the southern Indian Ocean, injecting new hope the plane will be found.

      He believes the wreckage is 1,900 kilometers west of Perth, lying at a depth of 4-thousand meters, allowing experts to hone in on a more specific underwater search. It's been 7-and-a-half years since the Malaysia Airlines flight vanished with 239 people on board.
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      COAST TO COAST AM – November 2021. Jon Sumple of j3FILMS is the director and one of the producers of the new documentary film, Extraordinary: The Revelations. In the first hour, he discussed the approach he took to the subject of the historical significance of extraterrestrial presence. 

      The film is targeted to people who many not have been exposed to the topic.
      Sumple explained, adding it provides context for phenomena that has been documented as far back as 40,000 years ago in cave paintings. 
      According to Sumple, there are three paradigms that define the alien agenda: ascension (ETs are here to upgrade us), colonization (ETs are here to take over), and biblical (ETs are in the Bible and are repeating what has happened in the past).
      "Which one is right we don't know," he noted, suggesting there may be components of each view that are correct.
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      Legendary UFO investigator Dr. Jacques Vallee chose Stanford to analyze the UFO fragments he has received from various parts of the world.
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      People such as Dr. John Mack are willing to risk their professional reputations by discussing UFO abductions on national television.
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