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Triangle UP Close

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    • By NASA
      Artemis I Close Flyby of the Moon
    • By USH
      During a recent spacewalk Russian cosmonauts Commander Oleg Artemyev and Flight Engineer Denis Matveev exit the ISS to continue outfitting the European robotic arm on the station's Nauka laboratory when suddenly an unknown object comes into view next to the service module solar battery. 

      The MCC (control center) who monitors the spacewalk through a live cam noticed the object upon the operator ask Oleg Artemyev to see and describe the object but Oleg said that she did not understand what the operator was asking her, so he ordered Oleg to continue to work on the European robotic arm. 
      It seems impossible that the astronaut did not see the UFO, but it could be that the astronaut not wanted to talk about the UFO which came very close the ISS since they are not allowed to talk about UFO encounters in space. 
      Remarkably, the camera continues to track the object until it disappears from view, proving that this is not space debris, but an extraordinary object under intelligent control, unknown to the space agencies. 
      The UFO incident (and conversation) can be seen from 7.22.55 to 7.27.55 minutes in the following live video. (Click CC video for English translation).
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    • By USH
      On February 14, 2012 periodismope uploaded a footage showing a triangle UFO over San Ignacio de Velasco, Bolivia 

      The recording is dated from January 17, 2012 and the images were filmed in the main square of the town. That day there was an intense electric storm with high winds. 
      The amateur video caught the silhouette of what was supposed to be a UFO moving through the skies. The UFO appeared after a bright strike of lightning. 
      At that time began the cries of panicked citizens who witnessed the unknown object and reacted to the intense lightning. 
      The video of the UFO or eventually a TR-3B is shown in its entirety, and at the end UFOcasebook has added a slow-motion close-up and an enhanced frame capture.
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    • By UAP News
      The Navy was represented by Scott Bray and it has come to light that some of his testimony may have been a little sketchy.
      The post 7.2.22 Did USS Eisenhower Launch Missile at Black Triangle? appeared first on UAP.News.
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