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8.9.21 Military Pilot Who Filmed Tic Tac Speaks

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You may recall three UFO videos that surfaced a while back which were recorded by military flight personnel. The “FLIR” , “Go Fast” and “Gimble” videos all surfaced at the same time and the world lost its collective mind. Gradually the officers involved have come forward but it has been a slow process. The newest addition to the witness group was actually the person who filmed the “FLIR” video which was a “Tic Tac” shaped object and you can learn more by watching the Jeremy Corbell video below.

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      He states that despite the wind was over 120-140mph the object was completely stationary midair without moving a bit up and down, left or right as well as the object followed a so-called "racetrack" what means it was not flying a straight flight path but flew a random track where it made impossible maneuvers like a u turn without slowing down. 
      After the F/A-18F got an upgraded radar system, the pilots saw these kinds of objects of unknown origin on a daily basis and not only Navy pilots, also commercial pilots have reported these extraordinary flying objects, like the pilot who captured a black cube at high altitude during a commercial flight, see second video below. 
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