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Blue Craft and Grey

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      LIVE launch of the SpaceX CRS-26 cargo Dragon resupply craft to the International Space Station
    • By UAP News
      Unfortunately this video is quite short however the visual is very interesting as well as the commentary from the witnesses.
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    • By USH
      A high-resolution image of Pluto taken in 2015 by New Horizons Long-Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) in “ride-along” mode with the LEISA spectrometer shows a region called 'the dark, forbidding region informally known as Cthulhu Regio, and the mysterious, possibly cryovolcanic edifice Wright Mons.'

      Among the many notable details, is a saucer-shaped object with on top a cylindrical tube located at the bottom of a crater. 

      It doesn't appear to have formed naturally, suggesting that the circular object could be the top of an extraterrestrial base built inside the crater or... maybe it's a parked disk-shaped alien craft?

      Link Image:https://www.nasa.gov/feature/new-findings-from-nasa-s-new-horizons-shape-understanding-of-pluto-and-its-moons

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      Bob Lazar was a whistleblower claiming to be involved in reverse engineering extraterrestrial craft for the United States government
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    • By USH
      During a severe electrical thunderstorm on June 7, 2022 in Saint Joseph, Missouri, a photographer while filming the thunderstorm, noticed a huge saucer-shaped object in the center of the thunderstorm. 

      The object appears to have a strange antenna on top of it that collects lightning, which is easily recognizable as lightning bolts are connected to the antenna. 
      Since it seems that the vapor clouds are influenced by the shape of the object, I suppose that the object is not a natural cloud, but a solid craft created by intelligent design whether man-made or of alien origin. 
      It is often said that UFOs use lightning to recharge their batteries. Could these images be proof of it? 
      Footage of the thunderstorm with saucer shaped craft starts at about the 3.05 mark in the video.
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