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Nuclear Plant Cigar

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    • By USH
      Alex Collier, a long-time Andromedan Contactee, reveals what he knows about the return of Enki, the Anunnaki geneticist who played a leading role in the genetic modification of humanity. 

      Alex explains how the Anunnaki's genetic experiments were the latest in a series of modifications of early humans by up to 22 extraterrestrial civilizations stretching back millions of years in time. 
      He describes some of the races that preceded the Anunnaki's genetic intervention, and why humanity's innate potential was recognized by Enki, but opposed by his half brother and rival, Enlil. 
      Alex shares his insights about Elena Danaan's claims in her latest book, The Seeders, that Enki has returned with the code of humanity's 12 stranded Adamic DNA. 
      After Enki's departure due to an Anunnaki civil war, humanity's Adamic DNA was corrupted by the victorious Enlil faction, which wanted to degrade surviving humans to a simple slave species. Alex believes that restoration of the Adamic DNA can be achieved through both technological and spiritual means, and that an alliance of extraterrestrials and White Hats will expedite the process. 
      He also discusses the ongoing war in Ukraine and why extraterrestrials will not allow nuclear weapons to be used in the conflict. A gray area however involves a dirty bomb which could be detonated as part of a false flag operation by the Deep State.
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    • By USH
      In Gabon, Africa is a strange geologic phenomena. Approximately 1.7 billion years ago, a natural nuclear reactor formed without any human intervention at what is now the Oklo Mine. 

      It formed due in part to an unusually dense uranium deposit alongside a consistent supply of groundwater. Thus, for several hundred thousand years, a natural fission reaction took place. 
      This video, made by a geologist who is based in Arizona, will discuss this fascinating geologic oddity.
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      NASA and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) are working together to advance space nuclear technologies.View the full article
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      We have received a great deal of interest from readers wondering if extraterrestrials may intercede in a potential nuclear war
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      Canada’s Deputy Minister within the Department of Natural Resources has been directed to prepare a report involving unexplained incidents.
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